Call your MP and the minister of environment

Scroll down to enter your information and choose who to call.

When you click the MAKE THE CALL button, the system will call your phone and patch you through.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR PHONE READY.

If you selected both representatives, the system will connect you with one and then the other.

Here are some talking points:

  • Introduce yourself with your name and, if calling your MP, mention that you are a voter who lives in their riding.
  • The ask: State that you would like to see the right to a healthy environment included in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act as recommended in the all-party review.

Thank you for your support in making sure everyone in Canada can enjoy the right to a healthy environment!

In June 2017, an all-party committee of federal MPs made a series of recommendations to strengthen the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, including that the right to a healthy environment should be recognized. This would be a historic first for Canada, and a major step forward for the Blue Dot campaign!

To read more about this golden opportunity to get environmental rights in federal law read our blog here.

Although the government agrees that the act needs updating, it hasn’t yet said if it will act on these recommendations. We’re worried that if Ottawa doesn’t act soon, the law won’t be updated before the next federal election.

Now’s the time to reach out to our elected officials and encourage them to turn these recommendations into law. It only takes a few minutes to phone and leave a message, and it makes a real difference.