MP Pledge for Environmental Rights

Will your member of parliament recognize your legal right to a healthy environment? Check out the growing list of supporters and help us secure a pledge from MP candidates in your riding!

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Already 204 MP candidates from all major parties have signed the pledge, since its launch on October 20, 2018, and the list continues to grow!

Will you join us?

One way you can help right now is to email candidates in your riding and ask them to sign the MP Pledge:

Email MP candidates in your riding

We also need volunteers to organize local efforts in every riding. Over the past four years, Blue Dot volunteers have managed to get environmental rights declarations passed in 173 municipalities representing nearly half of Canada’s population, so we have every reason to believe we can do this!

Will you join with others in your local area to ensure that your representative commits to supporting the right to a healthy environment?

Sign up here to join a team of volunteers where you live.

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Download our presentation on the right to a healthy environment

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