By Corrigan Hammond

As a parent, I want to create a livable planet for my son and for future generations.

I believe strongly in the principles of looking out for one another and taking care of the environment. That’s why I think everyone living in Canada should expect to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat safe food. I was shocked to learn that, legally, this isn’t the case.  

Ensuring these rights are protected was one of my main motivations for joining the Blue Dot movement as Ontario organizer in late 2015.

I was determined to do my part to protect the environment. What I didn’t expect was how exhilarating the journey would be.

In the two and half years I’ve worked with the Blue Dot movement, I’ve had the honour and enormous pleasure of working with more than 600 volunteers in Ontario. They’ve done an incredible job bringing Canadians together and telling all levels of government of the need to recognize the right of citizens to live in a healthy environment.

These awe-inspiring volunteers have convinced local governments in 60 towns and cities throughout the province — including Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton and Kitchener — to recognize these rights.

They’ve hosted 22 local events from Thunder Bay to Toronto and have given presentations to more than 500 schools on the importance of environmental rights.

These volunteers have changed the political landscape by writing thousands of letters, making hundreds of phone calls and meeting with representatives at all levels of government.

It’s been a pleasure every day to work with such amazing people and seeing what they can accomplish. Now, my own journey with the environmental rights movement is changing course, as I will be leaving Blue Dot to join the Gordon Foundation.  
I know that this work will be left in good hands. The environmental rights movement is growing into an unstoppable force.

Recently, the UN special rapporteur announced that it was high time the international community recognized the right to a healthy environment. In November 2017, Ireland became the latest county to add the right to a healthy environment to its constitution, joining more than 100 countries worldwide to have done so. Still, Canada isn’t one of them.

I know this will change. Between international pressure and thriving community leadership, I am confident that it’s only a matter of time before everyone in Canada enjoys the right to a healthy environment.

I may no longer be a staff member with Blue Dot when that day comes, but I will be cheering along and raising a glass to the heroes who secured a healthier, better environment for all.

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All the best,