By Amy Juschka

Thank you for your interest in writing a letter to the editor about clean water rights in Canada!

Our World Water Day letter to the editor campaign was a huge success–you wrote 640 letters about the right to clean water in Canada, and almost 40 were published in papers across the country!

World Water Day (March 22) may have come and gone, but our work is far from over. Join us on Facebook or subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on the Blue Dot movement for environmental rights.

3 Responses to “On World Water Day, write a letter to the editor in three easy steps”

  1. Kelly Rosvold says:

    Hi Amy,

    My letter, that I sent to the Kelowna newspaper, The Capital News, was published. Here it is…

    To the editor:

    Clean water. Two words that mean life; a good, healthy life. In the Okanagan, water issues have become newsworthy over the last number of years.

    One aspect of having clean drinking water in Canada, that I was not aware of until recently, is that we have no federal standards for clean drinking water. Canada lags far behind most countries when it comes to our water rights. In fact, more than 110 countries—over half of Earth’s nations—already recognize their citizens’ right to live in a healthy environment.

    Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is silent on the issue.

    A federal environmental bill of rights would help compensate for this omission and promote better environmental protections, build healthier communities and position Canada as a leader on environmental rights.

    In this beautiful valley, we are coming to realize how precious our water is to us. It’s time for the federal government to implement the right to clean water in Canada by passing an environmental bill of rights that respects, protects and fulfils our right to a healthy environment, including the right to clean water.

    Kelly Rosvold, Kelowna

  2. Bonnie Nay says:

    Protecting our water is a sacred trust…Water belongs to us all and the life of every living creature depends on its purity and availability… Let’s make this CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!!

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