By Students of The Pas, MB

We are students at Scott Bateman Middle School in The Pas, Manitoba. Our teachers showed our classes the video Today is the Day we Decide by the David Suzuki Foundation. We felt really upset about Canada’s pollution. We never really thought about Canada’s environment before. We thought we all had clean air and clean water. After watching the video, our classes realized that Canada’s air and water is being polluted. We decided that we wanted to help Canada. There are 110 nations that have the right to a healthy environment, but Canada is not one of them. We wanted to change that. We, along with a few other classes in the school, wrote letters to both our municipal and provincial governments in the hopes that they would sign a declaration that would give us the right to a healthy environment. We felt sad, but also hopeful. We want to make Canada the next nation that gives its citizens the right to have healthy air, water and food.

Letters to action

We invited the mayor of The Pas to our classrooms so we could present our letters to him and show him the video by the David Suzuki Foundation. We were so excited to be able to present our concerns to him. I wondered if he was going to join the Blue Dot Tour or even help out with the environment. We watched the video with him and he felt it was really important to have this right declared. We had a discussion about what we can do to help keep our environment clean.

Town council meeting

We were invited to a council meeting on October 15. Chase Muswagon read a letter to the council and asked them to watch the video Today is the Day we Decide. He asked them to please consider signing a declaration to give the people of The Pas the right to a healthy environment. Chase was confident and very proud of his speech. We were able to watch the mayor read the declaration to the council and hear them vote it in. It was cool to have the mayor and council sign something that students requested!

Mission accomplished!

To now have a declaration signed that gives us the right to a healthy environment is amazing for the town of The Pas. We feel very lucky to have this right and think everyone else should have it too. We would like other schools across Canada to write letters to their local governments to try and get more declarations signed. If we did it, so can you!


The writers of the blog include students from Ms. Hopper’s Grade 6 class and Ms. Johnson’s two Grade 8 ELA classes.