Let’s introduce you to the team that will be working with you to ensure everyone in Canada has the right to clean air and water, safe food and a say in the decisions that affect our health and well-being.

Peter Wood, National Campaign Manager, Environmental Rights

Peter Wood bio pic

I joined the Blue Dot team in July 2016. For over 18 years, I’ve worked on a variety of issues at the nexus of environmental and human rights, both within Canada and internationally. I was inspired to join the Blue Dot movement because it presents an opportunity to change the “rules of the game” and improve environmental outcomes across the board. After spending many years reacting to various proposals for mines, clearcuts, pipelines and dams, it has become apparent that we need to rise above this to think proactively, and have our environmental values reflected in the rights that all people across Canada enjoy. I’m excited to be working with a great team and such a dedicated network of volunteers.


Lisa Gue, Senior Researcher and Analyst

Lisa Gue, Senior Researcher and Analyst

I joined the David Suzuki Foundation in 2007 and am just back to work after a maternity leave. Over the past decade, I have worked on a range of issues that profile connections between human health and the environment, including pesticides, air quality, toxics in consumer products and environmental rights. With two small children, I am more passionate than ever about ensuring the right to a healthy environment. I’m a lifelong environmentalist and David Suzuki fan, so I feel very fortunate to be working with DSF. I love my job! I am based in Ottawa and have a background in public policy.


Cameron Esler, Organizer & Trainer, Environmental Rights

Cameron Esler, Trainer

I am a father, educator, policy analyst, filmmaker, aspiring Olympic gold medalist in cross-country skiing and human canvas (see picture). I am tickled blue from head to toe about achieving the right to a healthy environment because I believe environmental rights are human rights. To achieve a just world we need to ensure that all communities have clean water and a stable climate. It is an honour to work with amazing people from coast to coast to coast, and I am confident that together we can seize this opportunity to achieve a better future for all.


Isabelle Czerveniak, Organizer (Western), Environmental Rights

Izzy, Western Organizer

Born and raised here on the Canadian west coast and fortunate enough to have experienced extensive world travel, I am certain I live in the most beautiful place on Earth. You can find me skinning up the mountains in the winter, enjoying festivals in the summer and biking around the city on the in-between days. Connecting with our natural environment is crucial for us all to be able to live active, healthy and mindful lives. My passion lies in engaging community in fun and innovative ways and I am extremely motivated to be a part of driving our communities towards an environmental bill of rights. As Canadians, we have proven that we can rise to the occasion when it really matters and I’m excited to see what is possible when we unite and stand for our right to a clean environment.


Elizabeth Sarjeant, Ontario Organizer, Environmental Rights

I’m inspired by the Blue Dot movement because of the powerful connection it draws between environmental and social justice. I grew up exploring the lakes and forests of southern Ontario, and later fought to protect the mountains and oceans in B.C. while working on my master’s research in student worker activism. My background in environmental education, community organizing and communication has taught me that we need to call upon those in power to take responsibility for the health and well-being of our world. I’m motivated by the hundreds of Blue Dot volunteers doing this work across Canada, and thrilled to be joining them as Ontario organizer.


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