Our Signatories

The Blue Dot movement is building a pan-Canadian network of organizations that want the right to a healthy environment recognized for all Canadians. Join us now!

As a signatory, your organization can participate by:

  • Sharing your story about why this movement is important
  • Amplifying Blue Dot’s message
  • Offering community organizing leadership training opportunities to your staff and/or members

The right to a healthy environment is a simple, yet powerful, idea that all Canadians deserve to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat safe food. With people from all walks of life coming together, we can ensure this right is recognized at all levels of government.

Complete the form below to consent to the David Suzuki Foundation phoning and/or emailing you about the campaign. You must also have express consent from your organization.

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Featured Signatories

For the past 10 years Ascenta has been shaped by a clear intent to “Create health for people and planet”. It’s time to take a stand and protect our Rights to a Healthy Environment. –  Marc St. Onge,  Founder & CEO of Ascenta Health

Greystone Books is proud to join this movement as the publisher of books by David Suzuki. We are dedicated to publishing books that bring attention to environmental issues and stories. Our authors speak to this, as does our commitment to environmentally sustainable publishing practices. The Blue Dot Tour is important and unprecedented and we are eager to commit ourselves to this cause.

We are proudly joining the movement because it's way past time for Canadians to have environmental rights.  The right to clear air, water, and land is fundamental. It's time to make it one of our fundamental rights as Canadians.