By Peter Wood

Believe it or not, we’re only a year away from the next federal election, and political parties are already formulating their election platforms.

This presents a unique opportunity to make environmental rights a campaign issue and find out which politicians support your legal right to a healthy environment.

That’s why we’re launching the MP pledge for environmental rights — an opportunity for MPs and federal candidates to demonstrate their support for environmental rights.

Our goal is to get every MP and federal candidate to sign the pledge. With 338 ridings to cover, we need your help!

Check out our MP pledge action page to find out more.

We will make these pledges public so voters can easily see which candidates in their riding support environmental rights. We will draw on these pledges to get environmental rights commitments in party platforms.


On Saturday, October 20, Blue Dot volunteers from White Rock, B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland are holding events to raise awareness and begin mobilizing for this campaign, exactly one year out from the 2019 election.

To extend our reach, we need pledge leaders to organize local efforts in every riding, and volunteers to help them carry this out. Over the past four years, Blue Dot volunteers have managed to get environmental rights declarations passed in 172 municipalities representing nearly half of Canada’s population, so we have every reason to believe we can do this!

Will you join us?

Check out our new federal election page to take action and help secure environmental rights for everyone in Canada. Together we can take this campaign to the next level!