By Pauline Paramo

This exhibit highlights a series of profiles of the David Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot volunteers, who are spearheading extraordinary actions to recognize the right to a healthy environment – a simple yet powerful idea that Canadians have a right to clean air and water, safe food and a say in decisions that affect our health and well-being.

We have asked eight of our Montreal volunteers — Alexandre, Bernie, Catherine, Cathy, Christine, Jade, Jo-Anne and Marie — to share their personal and engaging stories, concerns for the environment and hope for better health and justice. In their own way, these eco-heroes will pave the way for a new generation of environmental leaders in Canada.  (More details here).

Caroline Dostie

As a travel and photography buff, Caroline Dostie has been covering various events and festivals related to agri-food, gastronomy, tourism and the environment for the David Suzuki Foundation over the past three years. Her photographs appear in the book Maman a un plan: en famille sur la route by Odile Archambault and Marianne Prairie. Nothing can stop this talented photographer and mother of two — soon to be three — girls, as she has just published Ah, les fraises et les framboises! with Parfum d’encre.

David Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot movement

About 111,000 people have joined the Blue Dot movement! Among them, several thousand have become volunteers working to establish a Blue Dot group in their communities. We’re already feeling the positive effects: since we launched Blue Dot in 2014, 166 municipalities have recognized the right to a healthy environment. Thirty Quebec municipalities have passed resolutions to that effect. This represents more than two million Quebecers.

However, only official federal recognition for the right to a healthy environment would guarantee better protection of the population’s health and the environment. It’s time to guarantee these rights for everyone in Canada as recommended by a review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, from coast to coast to coast, today and for future generations!

To join the Blue Dot movement and to take action with us to support the right to a healthy environment, click here!

Together, we can protect the people and places we love.


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Photo: © Mathieu B. Morin