By Sophika Kostyniuk

Six months ago, we had no idea how big this movement to recognize environmental rights would get. Almost 70,000 people have now joined us at, including more than 14,500 volunteers who’ve signed up to take action in their communities and ensure that everyone has the right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food. And in more than 30 communities, Blue Dot volunteers have already helped convince their local leaders to pass municipal declarations recognizing environmental rights.

So what’s the next step? How do we keep this momentum building? And how do we show all of Canada just how motivated and committed we are to this vision?

By coming together all across the country.

On Sunday, April 19, join us as we stand together on a national day of action called Connect the Blue Dots.

Organizers like you, in communities across the country, are hosting events big and small on April 19 to celebrate this movement. In living rooms and community spaces, parks and outdoor places, everyone can join in by connecting with friends across the street and across the country, all committed to protecting the people and places we love.

Visit the website to find a Connect the Blue Dots event near you. If there isn’t one listed, register your own event! We’re encouraging people to hold house parties to facilitate conversations about environmental rights (get some tips here), or to organize public events to engage community members, listen to their concerns, spread the news about Blue Dot and collect pledges. The more people who join us, the stronger this movement for environmental rights will become.

Remember, no matter how big or small the event, the key is to be visible! So make sure you encourage people you invite to wear blue, broadcast your event on social media and send your two best event photos to us. That will help us show everyone how impressive we are when we stand together!

There’s strength in numbers. This national day of action is a powerful way to show Canadians that lasting change happens when everyday people come together.

Visit the website and find out more about the local celebrations near you.

On April 19, join the celebration. Let’s come together.