By Elizabeth Shearer

Congratulations! Days ago we passed a major milestone, as Manitoba became the first province in Canada to sign on in support of the Blue Dot movement!

Our network of volunteers and supporters influenced provincial decision-makers to include the right to a healthy environment in legislation. What an incredible achievement!

Let’s lift up this commitment

A robust set of legislative protections for environmental rights, in this case an environmental bill of rights, would lead to improved environmental performance and healthier, more prosperous communities. An EBR would also give Manitobans more opportunities to participate in environmental decision-making and provide improved access to information and environmental justice.

Manitoba’s announcement to introduce this legislation before April is the first step. It’s now our responsibility to lift up this commitment, educate all Manitobans on the advantages of strong legislative protections for environmental rights and turn this declaration into real decision-making!

Take action

Show your support for an environmental bill of rights by writing a letter to the editor. Our online tool provides three easy steps for writing a letter to the editor and sending it to papers in your community. Adding your voice to the conversation will ensure that environmental rights become a priority in Manitoba.

Ordinary people making extraordinary change

As the Manitoba organizer with the Blue Dot movement, I am inspired by the thousands of actions ordinary Canadians have taken across our country to help realize our right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food. Already, 93 municipalities have passed declarations supporting our right to live in a healthy environment!

I can attest to the importance each individual action has on this campaign. Every meaningful conversation we’ve had during our campaign in Winnipeg occurred because committed constituents connected with their local leaders to share their stories, speak from the heart and call for local action. I hope this recent provincial commitment will invigorate our municipal leaders in Winnipeg to join the growing movement and pass the greatly anticipated municipal declaration.

The Blue Dot movement is important to so many of us across this country because it can create real change at all levels of government. It is truly remarkable to see that Manitoba has opened this door to pursue environmental rights legislation — an opportunity that should inspire other provinces to make similar commitments.

If you would like to deepen your understanding of environmental rights and how they present a path to guaranteeing a healthy environment for all Canadians, check out this series of white papers written by environmental lawyer and author David R. Boyd.


Become a Blue Dot leader in your community. To find out if Blue Dot organizing is underway in your city or town, get in touch with us.