By David Suzuki

We’ve travelled countless kilometres across this incredible country and met with thousands upon thousands of Canadians committed to standing up for the people and places we love.

From cafeterias and school gyms to public parks and concert halls, I have been both humbled and energized at the outpouring of support Canadians are showing.

Coast to coast to coast, there is a united movement that is building towards a day when every Canadian’s right to live in a healthy environment is recognized at every level of government.

96 years ago, this land that we’ve travelled across didn’t count women as fully equal human beings and prevented our mothers and daughters and sisters from voting. 66 years ago, African-Canadians and Asian-Canadians couldn’t vote, even if they were born here like my parents were. 54 years ago, the first peoples of this country also didn’t have a say when it came to the lands they have protected and nurtured for thousands of years. And only 45 years ago, gay men and women could be thrown in jail simply because of who they loved.

I have lived an entire life, and if there is one unwavering truth I have learned it is that things change. Rights change. Our concept of who we are and what we hold our highest values to be change. But they don’t change on their own. It takes a million different people committed to a single, beautiful ideal, over a long period of time to make real change happen.

This is what you are a part of now, and what the Blue Dot Tour has always been about.

As I’ve said before, things are only impossible until we decide that they’re not anymore. For the past 50 days Canadians from every corner of our country have stood up and decided to take action. They’ve decided to sign our petition, come to our events, donate money, commit to volunteering or simply talk to their friends and family.

But remember, the end of the Blue Dot Tour is just the beginning of the Blue Dot campaign. Over the following days and weeks we will be calling upon all of you to stay with us and do even more to help reach our goal: an environment that is healthy, today and for future generations.

I am so incredibly grateful to all of you for making my final national tour simply unforgettable. Together, our dream for a Canada that recognizes everyone’s right to live in a healthy environment will become a reality. Because of all of you, I am sure of it.